Carbonation & Dispense

The Carbo-Box is the result of years of development, practice and improvement. The device  can be integrated into existing keg beer dispense lines and the CO2 level can be adjusted and verified easily.  Consumers and experts cannot taste or notice any difference between traditional draft beer and re-carbonated beer-in-box beer. 

Carbonator (Carbo-Box)

The Carbo-Box is the key element to recarbonate the flat beer with CO2 inline during dispense.  


  • One Carbo-Box per tap.
  • Max flow-rate: 3.5 l/min 
  • Max carbonation 8.0g CO2/l
  • Size: 20 x 30 x 13,5 cm (w x h x depth)
  • Operational pressure:
    Pump: 4.5 bar / carbonation: 6.0 bar
  • Pump can be driven by compressed air.
  • Carbonation of product at ambient temperature possible - before cooling.
  • Can be used for all types of beer. Also beers with yeast turbidity.

  • Beside beer, carbonation of any filtrated beverages possible. 
    (wine, cidre, juices, water, soft-drinks, spirits)
  • Chemical cleaning - just as regular beer lines.
  • Modular setup for larger installations possible.
  • Precise, constant, hygienic, reliable, easy to adjust and to verify carbonation level.

Integration into existing dispense lines

For larger installations the Carbonators are pre-assembled on boards. In such cases the pumps are always driven with compressed air. Pressure sensors monitor the supply CO2 pressure to avoid under carbonation.

Video clips

The two video clips below show a beer-in-box dispense during a booth party at CEBIT 2011. The Carbonator here is integrated into the housing of the cooler / dispenser. 



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