23 Jul

2014 ABK-Beer announces distributor agreement for SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA

The ABK brewer, one of the Beer-In-Box system users announces a new distribution agreement for Singapore and Malaysia with the distributor WUNDERBAR.

Snapshot from the Wunderbar Website (

Excerpt from the official press release:

....Commenting, Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK Stars said “We are particularly delighted to be working on an exclusive basis with Emily Yeo and her team at Wunderbar to market and distribute ABK Beer in Singapore and Malaysia because not only does this agreement cover our range of bottled beers, it also includes our revolutionary new ‘Beer-in-Box’ products. Given the ever-increasing interest in – and consumption of – both craft and heritage beers in Asia, this agreement is key to our global deployment plans for our bottled and boxed beers which, for the first time since the brewery was founded in 1308, are now available for global distribution.”.....

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