Getting Started

You think all this sounds interesting or even exciting? 

Don't loose time and start your personal evaluation process!

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Commercial Evaluation

  • In the general producer presentation the components cost structure is included. Download here
  • For a more specific cost comparison to traditional kegs we provide
    an excel spreadsheet. Download here
  • Please feel free to ask for a budget quotation for the production equipment. A customized quotation is only possible after a site visit and some analysis of the current production process.

Technical Evaluation - Dispense Components

  • In this document you find the main components you need to test the dispense side. Download here
  • Get this document to find out how to install, adjust and verify the components. Download here

Technical Evaluation - Production Side

  • You want to test the system with your own beer ? Therefore we offer a portable lab degassing station to degas single kegs into BiBs.
    Download here
  • For bigger tests we have the options to provide portable degassing and filling systems on a rental basis with a filling performance of 5-10 l/min or we can use the existing production facilities to make a contract degassing & filling batch. Get in touch to discuss the best available options. 
    Degassing trial at Saint Bier in Brazil
    Degassing and filling trial at Saint Bier brewery in Brazil   (c) 2015 CARBOTEK Systems GmbH