Years of Experience at Ankerbräu Nördlingen

At Ankerbräu in Nördlingen (Bavaria) the development of the beer-in-box 
system and the related technology took place. Ankerbräu uses the concept to increase their beer sales in the long distance and export business segment since 2009. 

At the end of 2014 Florian Koch, the former Ankerbrau manager quit the brewery job and since this time is fully focused on the Carbotek business and technology development.

The Ankerbräu brewhouse.

It all started in the hot summer of 2003. Ankerbräu in Nördlingen run out of kegs due to a high seasonal peak demand for its keg beers. In the subsequent analysis and discussion it became clear, how costly it is to purchase kegs to cover a seasonal  peak demand only.   

So the management team of Ankerbräu (Senior Wolfgang Koch, Junior Florian Koch and brewmaster Georg Fischer) started to look for alternatives and gave birth to the idea to develop a cost-effective disposable system for the keg and draft beer segment. It should become a long journey...

The development history of beer-in-box

2003Idea (Trigger: Keg shortage during hot summer)
2004First trials with postmix carbonation systems.
2006Development of first Carbonator prototype. Purchase of Bag-In-Box filler.
2007.04Second Carbonator generation, small series, regional field tests.
2007Development of degassing equipment, improvements of Carbonator.
2008.04Third Carbonator generation
2009.05Reference project: „mein Schiff“ by RCCL/TUI Cruises, first cruise ship installation
2010.03Start of fourth Carbonator generation: Simple, robust, reliable, hygienic 
2011.05Second TUI cruise ship starts operation with BIB on board.
2012.06Launch of new bag generation with improved oxygen barrier and outstanding hygienic design of connection system.
2013.12Supply of Customers with 1000l IBC bags at Winter Wonderland London.
2014.05Installation of 27 taps at “mein Schiff 3” cruise ship.
2014.12Florian Koch, one of the brains behind beer-in-box leaves Ankerbrau and fully concentrates on Carbotek business development.


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