Hygienic Aspects

The Bag

The bag has a standard volume of 25lit (other sizes are possible) and has an extremely high oxygen barrier. The implemented spout system is fitted with an aluminium lid (first user seal) which provides additional oxygen barrier properties. We guarantee a shelf life of 8 months - but we have already tested bags after 18 months still being very good without almost any sense of oxidation. 
The bags come ready to use with a pre-assembled spout. Either single bags or webbed bags for automatic filling are available. 
We decided not to gamma radiate them as we don't like the odor created on such radiation processes. The production environment of such bags is super clean.


The Clean-Click Spout System

The Clean Click spout system is extremely hygienic and enables long shelf life and constant quality of the beer after connection. At ambient temperature we still have about 3 weeks.* 
The male connector is fitted with two check valves. The first opens when pushed in and picking up the spout cap (red part). Thanks to this air sucking is prevented when the connector is disconnected. 
The second check valve prevents cross flow on vertical installations and protects the beer in the bag from potentially infected beer standing in the beer line.  

 * Still bar staff have to apply simple basic hygienic procedures to avoid  quality spoilage over time. 

Carbo-Box Cleaning

 Beside the Flojet pump the Carbo-Box itself has no moving parts or filters at the liquid side.  So no wear or tear parts (except the pump) that have to be cleaned beside the line cleaning cycle. 
The installed Carbo-Box is integrated into the line cleaning process.  The cleaning solution is drawn into the Carbo-Box and pushed through the lines up to the tap. The cleaning frequence is the same as with conventional line cleaning. So every 2-3 weeks. 



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