It is a supply chain optimization concept that offers cost but also quality advantages for you and your customers.

High cost saving potential

  • No Keg loss risk 
  • No capital lockup for kegs 
  • Reduction of logistic costs (double volume per pallet, one way) 
  • No return transportation and handling 
  • No cleaning costs 
  • Competitive packaging price  

Increasing flexibility

  • Perfect for export and seasonal peaks
  • Perfect for challenging logistics
  • Flexible packaging sizes (10/15/20/25l) on one filling system

Customer benefits

  • No keg deposit
  • Space saving
  • No security risks at disposal (pressure)

Entering new markets

  • Developing markets that have been not attractive yet due to high Keg loss rates

Approved quality 

  • No difference in taste compared to Keg beer 
  • Long shelf life before and after connection
    (8 months / 6 weeks /3 weeks = before / after cold / after ambient) 
  • Excellent foam quality (fine CO2 binding) 
  • Hygienic Ultra-clean filling technology
  • No over or de-carbonation as with Keg beer 

Simple reliable technology

  • Fast and simple integration into existing dispense lines
  • Easy cleaning and handling 
  • Robust technology with long life-time, low service 


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