The System

Beer-in-box is the (r)evolutionary one-way packaging system for the draft beer market. The system is based on the principle to reduce the CO2 concentration at the brewery prior filling and re-carbonate it inline to its origin concentration right during dispense. 

                                  Carbo-Box                                     25l Bag-In-Box

High cost savings: The CO2 reduction leads to an elimination of gas pressure arising. As a result very light-weighted, non-pressurized packaging systems (bag in box) can be used instead of heavy steel KEGs or expensive one way keg systems. Only 4% of your pallet weight is the packaging part.

Eco-friendly: The packing concept is one-way, single use and to a large extent
recyclable. Studies demonstrate the economic and ecologic benefits of bag-in-box systems compared to any other available packaging system. Beer-in-box is eco-friendly in particular for long distances.

100% Quality & Taste: The developed inline Carbonator re-carbonates the beer again with CO2 during dispense. The extremely fine blended CO2 leads to an excellent foam and taste. Existing draft beer installations in bars or restaurants can be converted easily to beer-in-box by integration of the Carbonator into the existing dispense line.   (c) 2015 CARBOTEK Systems GmbH